VIRUS Alert! Don't open this video on Faceboook

New Delhi: Many of us have recently fallen prey to this virus on Facebook. Hence, you will have to practice extreme caution while opening a video being posted by your friends on your message box.

The virus actually comes as a video on your Facebook wall as 'My first video'. The moment you click this video, all your friends on Facebook are automatically tagged and the virus reaches their message box. So this is like a chain of tagging that gets circulated among all the users of this social networking site.

Go immediately to your browser and delete the extension

- Also, go to your profile page and delete all your tag posts.

- In a few minutes Facebook will send you a review message.

- You can scan your system and use Facebook again.

Many Facebook users have been made a victim of this virus. So take it almost like a warning and don't open this video.

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